Silkscreen is one of the first printing methods and remains a more flexible form as it is used in many materials. Silkscreen by definition is the technique of printing that is done to create an image using a crate designed on the reproduced subject. It is possible to print on paper – glass – wood – sheet metal – plastic – ceramics – fabric. When we say “silk screen” we do not mean only fabric- clothing.

Due to their high resistance to various climatic conditions, it allows them to be used in the construction of signs that will be placed outdoors. It is also important that it is suitable for large productions because it costs more economically since the cost per piece is inversely proportional to the quantity. It is also recommended for great durability, bright colors and a wide range of color shades.

In a short discussion we can explain how this art can provide a solution to your business. Advisory, one would say that it is not profitable for small productions. Indicatively, note that with min. 30 pcs the cost starts from € 39.00 (in monochrome design).
To start the silkscreen printing process we need:
– The FILE* of your design,
– Your choice regarding the material of the application (production quantity, sizes, etc.)
The communication with the customer in every step of the production is continuous in order to clarify every detail of the process. We deliver a file/ sample and wait for approval.

Each design has its own peculiarities, so we work on each design separately and based on the requirements it has, unlike the older model of mass standard production.

* The first step in proceeding with the process of printing a silkscreen is to build a draft file of the design. The draft must be made according to specific specifications, in order to achieve the most accurate and fastest printing process.
In case the file has been created, we will agree on the technical details and proceed to the production-application. If the logo-file does not exist, we undertake its construction after consultation for certain technical characteristics (design dimensions, choice of colors, etc.), with a small charge.
We can also help the customer choose a design, color or print location to get as close as possible to the result he wants.