Prints – Stickers

Digital printing is direct printing on the material. Therefore, the choice of material and the design that will be accompanied by the corresponding logo-file that meets the specifications of the material and the taste of the customer is paramount. The logo design can pre-exist or be created from scratch. Digital printing machines fully harmonize with the latest technology and ensure photographic clarity, with perfect elasticity and without any breaks. This method is suitable for both small and large productions (plus it satisfies ever the largest dimensions!). Together we will come up with the most suitable choice for your business, after listing the advantages-disadvantages of technique / material and the possibilities that exist for the best result in each case.

Stickers are the most popular digital printing materials. They are for indoor and outdoor use and are divided into two major categories depending on the duration (short or long time). Monomeric stickers are suitable for indoor spaces that do not require a long period of time or for external application that is for occasional use (seasonal). Polymerics are recommended for outdoor use with greater resistance to time and external weather conditions. The stickers can be reinforced with lamination for even greater durability.

Self-adhesive signs tend to replace paints in recent years and are ideal for indoor / outdoor glass, plexiglass, wood and any material that has a smooth surface. The material we use mainly for this application is vinyl – a special kind of film, which is available in various colors and durability specifications (3, 5, 7 years min. Durability) depending on your needs and requirements. You decide the text (or design), the color, the dimensions and the format of the letters (font). If you need a suggestion, we will be here to guide you so that the end result is exactly what you want.

There is also the choice of sandblasting that suits many cases of professional spaces. In addition, a more specialized printing is done on a reflective film that we prefer for road signs, warning / information signs – reflective letters / numbers / symbols, etc.
Finally, a smart way of advertising – promoting products and services that delivers proven, is mobile advertising through the lining of the exterior of corporate cars. You can choose between full coverage of the car or individual points, eg doors, car hoods, etc.


PRICE LIST WITH INDICATIVE PRICES – possibility of change due to increase in raw materials – transport costs etc.

INDICATIVE PRICE LIST – The prices do not include VAT.


VINYL (ORAFOL): / sq.m.
Vinyl Oracal 641 (in color) 3 years 18,00 €
Vinyl Oracal 651 (in color) 5 years 22,00 €
Vinyl Oracal 751 (in color) 7 years 37,50 €
Vinyl Oracal 8500 (light) 7 years 37,00 €
Sand-blasting vinyl 3 years 18,00 €
Sand-blasting vinyl 5 years 27,00 €
Sand-blasting vinyl 7 years 33,00 €
Reflective Film Oralite 5500: Engineer Grade 45,00 €
Reflective Film Oralite 5710: Engineer Grade Premium 52,50 €
Reflective Film Oralite 5910: High Intensity Prismatic Grade 67,50 €
Monomeric Self-adhesive vinyl (gray or transparent glue) 12,00 €
Monomeric Self-adhesive vinyl (gray or transparent glue) and lamination monomeric 16,00 €
Polymeric self-adhesive vinyl (5 years) 22,00 €
Polymeric Self-adhesive Vinyl (5 years) and polymeric lamination 29,00 €
Special Vinyl Film- anti-graffity lamination 18,00 €
Self-adhesive Vinyl Backlite 25,00 €
Self-adhesive Vinyl sticker Wallpaper 25,00 €
Labels with contour cutting- in vinyl seld-adhesive sticker 4,00 €
Polypropilenium (Ideal for Roll up’ s stands) 22,00 €
GRAPHFLEX Magnet SAV 40,00 €
POSTER PAPER 150gr 8,00 €
CANVAS: / sq.m.
Canvas 100% Polyesteric 22,00 €
Taurpaulin European 10,00 €
Taurpaulin Backlite 14,00 €
Μetal Rings    0,40 €/pcs
Sewing with rope 3,00 €/m.